Six Vintage Motorcycles Donated to Chestnut Mountain Ranch

Six vintage motorcycles were recently donated to Chestnut Mountain Ranch (CMR) by Gerald Pacholke, a famous 1960 to 1970 motocross style racer.

One of the vintage motorbikes is being auctioned off on eBay to raise funding for CMR.

Read on to learn more about these vintage motorcycles.


Six vintage motorcycles were donated to CMR by the Pacholke family in May 2018.  

The first motorcycle that is being auctioned off is a 1977 1000 Silver Jubilee Limited Production motorcycle. Thewinning bid sold for $24,100.00.

“This motorcycle has never seen the light of day before now. It has no miles on it and is in the original crate,” said Steve Finn, executive director of CMR. “The 1977 1000 Silver motorcycle has a number attached to it to verify authentication.”

The money from this first sale will go to CMR to be used to build another boys home. The remaining motorcycles will eventually be listed on eBay.


vintage motorcycles

These vintage motorcycles were recently donated to CMR by Gerald Pacholke, a famous 1960 to 1970 motocross style racer.

“I see the importance in reclaiming young boys’ lives and seeing a change of the heart in them,” Pacholke said. “That’s why we donated to CMR.”

Pacholke’s father owned a Triumph and Honda dealership from 1950 to 1980. The family collected many historical motorcycles throughout the years.

“We had one-of-a kind motorcycles, and when my father passed, he wanted them to go to a Christian ministry that had an impact on kids,” Pacholke said.


vintage motorcycles

Since the first motorcycle sold on eBay, the remaining five vintage motorcycles will be listed on eBay at a later date. 

  • 1966 Honda CB450
  • 1966 Honda CA 72
  • 1969 Honda CB750 “sandcast”
  • 1969 Triumph with 490 miles and original sidecar 
  • 1976 Honda Gold Wing 1000 with eight original miles 

The 1969 Triumph with 490 miles and original sidecar is currently listed on eBay for $16,500.00.


CMR, founded by Steven Finn, a retired police officer, is a Christ-centered safe haven for boys and families in crisis. CMR is a place for family restoration, where boys can enjoy school again and experience positive family values, through touching the boys hearts.

“At CMR, everything is done solely on donations and operates debt-free, which is why these motorcycles were such a unique gift.” Finn said. “We won’t build until we raise the funds. That being said, the funds from the first motorcycle sale will help us build another home.”

At CMR, donation are greatly appreciated. The donations made are used to build more boys homes.

CMR has established a safe academic environment that inspires its students to use their gifts and abilities for God’s glory.  

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To learn more about about the Triumph motorcycle currently listed visit here.