Volunteering at Chestnut Mountain Ranch: Hear From Two Mission Groups

Volunteering at Chestnut Mountain Ranch  is one of the many concepts we focus on. Fredericksburg Christian School and Gordon College dedicated their time serving at CMR.

Read on to learn more about their time volunteering at CMR.


On March 29 and 30, Fredericksburg Christian School volunteered their time at CMR to help with the construction of the CMR school. Mission group leader, Tonya Chang, has been leading her group to CRM for 10 consecutive years

“We always give our service to Chestnut Mountain Ranch because of the personal connection with Fredericksburg Christian School and Steve,” Chang said.

For the past three years, students from Gordon college have traveled 10 hours, bringing with them a team of 12 to volunteer at CMR. Jesse Cook, men’s ministry director of Gordon college, takes charge of leading students to volunteer at CMR.

“It’s neat we can drive only 10 hours and help out those in need. Many of our ministry groups travel to third world countries,” Cook said.

Both groups worked on the new school that CMR is currently building, which will be able to educate up to 70 boys. The work the schools did while at CMR include construction, laying tile, cleaning, painting and window trimming.Students also volunteered in the CMR community store, a thrift store used to fund CMR and teach boy’s valuable life lessons. The students cleaned, stocked the shelves and moved items off of the delivery trucks.

In past years, both schools have volunteered their time at CMR spending time with the boys, constructing a mud run, painting, landscaping, cleaning, cooking and roofing.


volunteering at Chestnut Mountain Ranch
Fredericksburg Group

Fredericksburg Christian School provides classes for pre-K3 through 12th grade, designed to provide an outstanding learning environment. Their goal is to raise Christian leaders in an atmosphere of academic and spiritual excellence, serving in partnership with parents to help shape character and to prepare the students for an adult life.

The school has two campuses located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Along with education, their mission is to teach students about the marvelous love of Jesus Christ. Fredericksburg Christian school focuses on a value-based education, providing a safe haven for learning, surrounding students with healthy role models and one-on-one attention in the classroom.

To learn more about Fredericksburg Christian school, visit here



volunteering at Chestnut Mountain Ranch
Gordon College Team Members

Gordon college is a Christian college located near Wenham, Massachusetts. This school combines education with an informed Christian faith. At Gordon College, students are prepared to be spiritually, relationally, professionally and intellectually ready for a lifetime of growth into their careers.

The heart of the Gordon College mission is to deepen the faith, stretch the mind and elevate the contribution that students will make on the world. These factors prepare men and women to provide faithful leadership and service for the common good.

To learn more about Gordon College, visit here




Fredericksburg Christian School

Before Tonya and her group are able to afford to travel to CMR, they needed to obtain funds.

The students coordinated fundraisers such as working the concession stand at athletic events and holding a fried rice fundraiser to raise money for food and travel expenses.

Students were encouraged to be creative with fundraising efforts. Along with raising money, fundraising also helps advertise for CMR.

Gordon College

In order to afford to travel, Gordon College has to fundraise and find donations. They receive donations by hosting a meal drive. Students donate their meal points in exchange for real money.

They also receive donations by reaching out to local churches, friends and family.


CMR, founded by Steven Finn, a retired police officer, is a Christ-centered safe haven for boys and families in crisis. This is a place for family restoration, where boys can enjoy school again and experience positive family values, while touching the boys hearts.

Volunteering at Chestnut Mountain Ranch is always needed and greatly appreciated. The hard work that is put in makes the school able to serve these boys who are in need.

CMR has established a safe academic environment that inspires its students to use their gifts and abilities for God’s glory.

Thinking about volunteering at Chestnut Mountain Ranch? Visit us here. 

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