Program Assistant

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Program Assistant

REPORTS TO:  Program Manager (Houseparent’s when in home)


PURPOSE OF THE POSITION:  Each Program Assistant provides assistance to full-time Houseparents during part of the week and provides them with full relief of their responsibilities during other designated times of the week.  Additionally, they assist the Program Manager and/or Principal for school activities or program assistance. They will assist in teaching physical education. This position is for young men that are looking to grow in personal holiness, while having an opportunity to learn real life ministry by being in the trenches with at-risk teenage boys.


Education and Experience

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Previous work experience with children, ages 6-18, is desirable (Boy Scouts, church youth group, Big Brother, etc.), as are references indicating ability to work well with people (other staff and supervisors).


  • Ability to lift up to fifty (50) lbs.
  • Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
  • Ability to, or willingness, to learn to drive manual shift trucks and tractors and a twelve (12) passenger van.
  • Ability to, or willingness to learn how to operate a power lawnmower, weedeater and other tools.
  • Ability to, or willingness, to learn to prepare meals for up to eleven (11) people.
  • Ability to organize and participate in sports with children ages 6-18.


  • Be a spiritual role model for children.
  • Work in a home atmosphere.
  • Participate in group sessions with the children.
  • Able to discipline children fairly, and in compliance with Ranch and home policies.
  • Able to supervise/coordinate activities of up to ten (10) children simultaneously.
  • Flexible. Willing to adjust work schedule on short notice.  Able to take children on outings and other off-Ranch activities.
  • Punctual in arriving for work.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Mature enough to recognize and avoid situations that may be considered dangerous for the children or a liability risk for the Ranch.
  • Implement the program as directed by Program Manager


  • When assisting Houseparents, remains flexible to help with the care of the children and the Houseparents’ own children.
  • Receives a pre-briefing from Houseparents, before going on duty, as to the emotional state of the children and what chores the Houseparents would like supervised/accomplished during the shift. Briefs the Houseparents, at the end of the shift, as to the children’s conduct and chores accomplished.
  • Assists with study hall, supper preparation, overseeing the children in the completion of chores, providing care and discipline, driving children to/from activities, organizing recreation, and helping with the Houseparents’ Ranch chores when that help enables the Houseparent’s to spend quality time with children or when that help enables the Program Assistant to teach a child (or children) the value of work done well.
  • Assumes the responsibilities of full-time Houseparent’s in their absence.
  • Delegated Responsibilities – Any other responsibilities that may be assigned by the Program Manager or a Director.
  • Meets with Program Manager on a regular basis for supervision and discipleship.
  • Meets expectations with policy on dress code and professional conduct.


  •  Christian of high moral and ethical character.
  • Agrees with Chestnut Mountain Ranch Statement of Faith.
  • Regularly attends church and is actively involved with a community of believers.
  • Flexible. Able to adjust to sudden changes in schedule.
  • Desire to serve in a “Big Brother” type role to children at the Ranch.
  • Teachable. Willing to learn and develop skills in discipline and behavior management, and to follow the leadership of the Program Manager and Houseparent’s while in the home.
  • Willing to work as part of a team (Program Manager, Houseparent’s, You)
  • Studies the word of God and is willing to be conformed to the Image of Christ.