Admissions Process

Chestnut Mountain Ranch generally enrolls children with mild to moderate academic, emotional and/or behavioral problems, such as: academic underachievement, depression, anxiety, oppositional/defiant behavior, lying, stealing, school conduct problems, poor social skills, issues related to past abuse, poor anger management, poor self-image, etc. Children and teens exhibiting additional at risk behavior or severe problems will be evaluated on an individual basis.

NOTE: The following information is simply a guideline for the types of students we generally accept. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our Admissions Coordinator at 304-241-1709.

Also, Chestnut Mountain Ranch is NOT a mental health facility or licensed therapeutic group home and is not equipped to accept children with severe mental disorders. Chestnut Mountain Ranch is a school. Our school staff are certified (or in process) through ACSI. Chestnut Mountain Ranch School is fully accredited by ACSI. Since the Ranch is not a mental health program, we work with local psychologists and psychiatrists as needed to address a student’s mental health needs.

Tuition is determined for each family based on a sliding scale. No family will be denied due to their financial situation.


  • Boys 11-15 (or 6th-9th grade) at the time of admission. Minimum I.Q. of 80.
  • No recent suicidal or homicidal behaviors.
  • No current drug or alcohol dependencies.
  • No history of sexually offending behavior or sexual perpetration.
  • Youth referred from West Virginia Family Court are eligible, but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


  • Student’s family resides within 70 miles of the Chestnut Mountain Ranch campus.
  • Family must be willing to provide daily transportation to and from the Ranch.
  • Family involvement with the goal of family restoration.
  • Family must be willing to meet at Ranch as needed to participate in family support team meetings, family counseling and parent group meetings.
  • Student must have health insurance.

Chestnut Mountain Ranch is not an emergency or short-term placement facility. The assessment process can take up to four weeks, or longer if delays in the process occur. Applications must be made by the student’s legal guardian.

Application Process

During the application process you will need to submit the following documents to the Admissions Coordinator:

  • Complete Chestnut Mountain Ranch Application
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Psychological Evaluation (no more than 1 year old & must meet Chestnut Mountain Ranch Criteria)
  • Statement of Sanctity of Life, Gender, Marriage and Sexuality
  • Proof of Legal Custody, when applicable (i.e. guardianship, adoption, divorce decree)
  • Proof of insurance or Medicaid/Medicare/WVChip
  • Immunization Record (must be current/updated)
  • DHHR case plan or records (past or present), when applicable
  • School Records for at least the past two years, including but not limited to:
    • Individual Education Plan
    • WESTEST, IowaTest, TerraNova (or other comparable test)
    • Conduct Reports
    • Grades
    • Evaluations
    • Special Education/ Resource Reports

Once these documents are submitted and reviewed by the Admissions Coordinator, you will be contacted to discuss the next steps for the Admissions process.

Assessment Process

You will be asked to attend a series of interviews in order for the Chestnut Mountain Ranch staff to assess your family’s needs and evaluate the appropriateness of our program for your family. The staff that you will meet with during these interviews could include the Admissions Coordinator, School Counselor, School Teacher, Program Director, and Executive Director.

This process could take up to a month, depending on your ability to attend meetings in conjunction with staff schedules, accessibility to additional information that may be required to help us further in the assessment process, and possible delays due to program breaks, etc.

The Admissions Coordinator will contact you to coordinate all necessary interviews.

Admission or Referral

If you are accepted into the Chestnut Mountain Ranch program, you will receive a welcome packet from our Admissions Coordinator that will request additional documentation needed for placement. The date of admission will also be determined at that time.

If the Chestnut Mountain Ranch program is unable to meet the specific needs of your family, you will be contacted by the Admissions Coordinator and referred to a more suitable program possibility.

For more information on application, please call the Ranch office at 304-241-1709.