Spiritual Formation

Our team is dedicated to helping children and their families develop spiritually, intellectually, and socially.  Through our nationally accredited academic plan and the student/family counseling times, we pursue hope and healing within each child and his family. This time-proven model has a multi-generational impact.

The Chestnut Mountain Ranch educational program has three integrated components: The Ranch Christian School, Christian discipleship and counseling, and the homes that are located within our campus.

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Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

We believe that every person is flawed and in need of a relationship without through Jesus Christ. And so, our program focuses on spiritual formation and discipleship that extends beyond individual boys to their immediate and extended families.

We view providing support to the entire family as critical to the healing process.  The student/family counseling aspect at CMR addresses the student and family issues with a holistic team approach.  CMR school counselors work with the student and the student’s family to identify the family issues and the roadblocks that has hindered progress. Then, the counselors (in conjunction with the teachers and house-parents) help the student and his family to develop goals for them to move past the roadblocks and grow into a healthy, loving, restored family.