Our Program

Our program is geared to help children develop spiritually, intellectually, and socially.  Through our academic plan and the student/family counseling times, we see hope and healing occur in the young man and his family. This time-proven model will have a multi-generational impact.

The Chestnut Mountain Ranch educational program has three integrated components: the school, Christian discipleship and counseling, and home-style dorm life.

We would encourage you to watch the video below for a helpful picture of Ranch life or check out Our Story to learn how we got here.

Spiritual Formation

At the heart of our ministry is spiritual formation. Our boys are introduced to Christ and live within a gracious, truth-filled environment.



With small classes and individual attention, our boys are able to get back on track in their education and prepare for meaningful and productive futures.



We help our boys develop relationally through counseling, our in-residence program, school and community engagement, and interacting with the public at our Community Store and Quick Lube.


For more information

Please reach out to us using the form below for more information, to schedule a call, or a visit to the Ranch.